Things to know


Getting started

1. Is THE GOOD BOY only for male dogs?

No, The Good Boy cooks handcrafted meals for both male and female dogs. The brand name is inspired by our pet muffin and how we address him.

2. Why is fresh food better?

While it’s true that most off-the-shelf pet food options contain the required vitamins and nutrients for a dog to survive, it has been proven that a fresh food diet can help to support your pup in living a longer, healthier life . We know processed food isn’t a path to a healthy life, so why feed it to our pets? Providing a fresh, whole-food diet is putting their health and longevity first.

3. Will I notice changes in my dog?

You may notice lots of changes, such as their energy levels, the softness or glossiness of their coat or even a greater passion for their food. After 2 weeks your dogs should be passing well shaped & formed faecal stools. If your dog is overweight, you’ll likely see a drop in weight and a healthier body size

4. Which product is right for my dog?

The good boy offers a variety of recipes designed with best quality ingredients for your dog. You can choose the best recipes while creating your meal plans according to your dogs liking or health condition.

5. Do I need to introduce The Good Boy meals gradually?

Yes, dogs with sensitive stomachs are prone to experience soft or sloppy stool with the introduction of a new diet. We recommend a gradual introduction to The Good Boy meal starting with 25% and increase at your dogs pace until they graduate to 100%. Once they are fully accustomed to The Good Boy meal you will start noticing the benefits and healthy changes in your dog. Please refer to our transition guide.

6. My dog is a picky eater. What if they don’t like The Good Boy meal?

While some dogs will happily eat whatever their owner puts in front of them, other dogs will refuse to eat certain types of food, either because they don’t like it or because they are simply bored of it. Owners of such pups often have to experiment with new types of dog food to find the right one. We offer a variety of recipes to suit even the fussiest eaters, you can select from our recipe options to customise your order based on your dogs liking.

Meals & Ingredients

1. What is The Good Boy meal?

Human-quality meat, fresh seasonal vegetables and healthy superfoods. Nothing artificial, and nothing hidden. All ingredients are locally sourced and purposefully chosen to give your pup the healthiest life possible.

2. What are The Good Boy recipes?

The Good Boy recipes are formulated by our canine nutritionist with the best ingredients and perfect serving sizes that helps your dog to lead a happy and a healthy long life. All of our ingredients are human-grade and sourced from reputable food suppliers and meet world class standards. The specific ingredients lists for any recipe with its nutrient content can be found on each pack.

3. Does The Good Boy meal need cooking?

No cooking required. The meals are cooked in our kitchen so you don’t have to. Once stored in the fridge, simply open the pouch, heat it and serve it or at room temperature or cold as your dog likes it..

4. Is The Good Boy food suitable for Senior dogs?

Our meals are suitable for all age groups and breeds. Each recipe is full of quality sources of meat protein and anti-inflammatory ingredients which are beneficial to dogs of all ages. If your dog has a significant medical condition it is always recommended to reach out or ask your vet prior to changing food..

5. Is The Good Boy food suitable for puppies?

Yes, You can select from our puppy meal recipes, specifically designed for the growth and development of the little ones.

6. Can any other food be mixed with The Good Boy Meal?

We do not recommend mixing The Good Boy meals with any other foods except during the transition phase. Our food is vet formulated with all the essential nutrients required for your good baby and is a completely balanced meal in itself. Mixing it with other food can lead to dilution/concentration of one or more nutrient(s) (depending on the food you mix). It may also have a negative impact on digestion.

Puppy Meals

1. What age should I start feeding my puppy The Good Boy meal?

We recommend to start The Good Boy meals only from the age of 4 months upto 12 months. From the age of 4 months Puppies need balanced high carb + high protein diet for their overall growth and development.

2. Can a puppy eat Adult dog food?

No, Puppies have a very different nutritional requirements from that of an adult dog. Fresh food is beneficial for puppies than dry processed food. The fresh food will strengthen their delicate digestive system and grow strong and healthy. Choose from the range of perfectly balanced puppy meals.

3. How many meals should I feed my puppy?

4-6 months puppy – 4 times in a day
6-12 months puppy – 2-3 times in a day.
The daily requirement an be divided into 2 or more meal times. Please refer to the feeding guide

4. Does the feeding amount change as the puppy grows?

The feeding amount changes as the puppy moves towards adulthood as per their weight and age . Please refer to the feeding guide. Please check their weight every 2 month to ensure they get adequate quantities of food for their growth.

5. Are The Good Boy meals complete and balanced for my Puppy?

The Good Boy meals are formulated by a canine nutritionist designed to meet the nutritional levels for all size puppies including large breeds. Please refer to puppy feeding guidelines to know the right requirement for your puppy.

Storage & Serving

1. How to store the food?

Just like human food, The Good Boy meals do not have any preservatives or additives. It is fresh, hand cooked meals and hence we recommend immediately freezing or refrigerating at 0-4°c the packs as soon as you receive them. If the food is left outside the refrigerator or un chilled environment or 30-40 mins after receiving the pack, the shelf life of the food is halved.

2. How many days does the food last?

Our meals come with an expiry of 7-10 days. Please check the pack for expiry date before serving to your dog.

3. How is the food portioned?

We portion the food based on your dogs daily requirements. We provide an option of packaging the daily requirements as a single pack or into two or more meal times as per your dog requirement at additional packaging cost.

4. How to serve The Good Boy meals?

Our meals are easy to serve. Open the seal – you can heat or microwave the pack for 1 minute, or serve at room temperature as per your dog’s liking. If you have ordered single meal packs please ensure to heat only the amount needed for consumption and refrigerate the remaining immediately.

5. When not to serve the food?

If the pack is puffed, smells rancid or not fresh when opened, please do not serve it to your dog and ask for immediate replacement.

Delivery & Subscriptions

1. How does Subscriptions work?

We offer Trial, Weekly order and Monthly subscriptions. You can select from our range of recipes for your subscriptions.
You can amend the recipes for monthly subscription two days before each delivery.
Going on a holiday or any emergency , no problem you can pause your monthly subscription at any time and restart once you are back. Simply call us on +91 8310660113 or email us at and inform in a day or two advance.

2. How does Delivery work?

Our fresh food and treats delivery is only limited to Bangalore.
Free shipping on orders above rs 499.
Trial pack – 3 packs with single delivery
Weekly pack – 7 packs with single delivery
Monthly pack – 5 deliveries with 6 packs in each delivery

3. Can I expect delivery on Sunday?

No items will be delivered on Sunday.
All orders made on Saturday will be delivered on Monday.
All orders made on Sunday will be delivered on Tuesday.

4. Are there any Subscriptions for treats?

No subscription model needed for treats.

5. Are the deliveries environmental friendly ?

Yes, We use oxo biodegradable packaging for all our products.
Most of our processes are planet friendly.

Returns & Refund

1. Returns

We do not accept returns as The Good Boy meal is a fresh food item.

2. Refunds

We do not issue refunds for orders already serviced.
we do not offer returns or refunds on Treats.
Incase of monthly subscription, refunds will not be issued post the first delivery of the subscription


we adhere to a prepaid model. we accept the following secure digital payment methods via phonepay:

– upi
– bharat qr
– all major debit and credit cards
– 50+ net banking options