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Why Is Freshly cooked food replacing kibble dry food for dogs?

Freshly cooked food for dogs is in-vogue, and for all the good reasons.

When you think of dog food, you might automatically picture kibble. But did you ever stop and ask yourself why? Imagine yourself opening up a pack of processed dry food that claims to be nutritionally balance and serve it to your family for all the meals… breakfast, lunch and dinner….            Absolutely correct, you will never like it.

We All Know That Processed Packed Food Isn’t a Path to a Healthy Life, So Why Feed It to Our Pets… This Thought Is a Revelation, A Revolution…

While a diet consisting predominantly of kibble will allow your dog to live, it is clear that just because they eat it doesn’t mean it is the best for them. 

Much in the same way humans are prone to eating junk or fast food, which will in essence provide us with a large amount of our energy requirements in a quick and convenient fashion, we can all agree that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle fresh food has to be included as well. 

It’s the same with our dogs. A lot of the foods we buy from many of the big dog food brands act like the junk food we consume. Prepared on an industrial scale with poor quality ingredients, spray on nutrients and preservatives, they are simply there to provide us with a convenient and cheap way to feed our dogs.

Dog food is not kibble — and you don’t have to think of it that way anymore. Thankfully, there’s an alternative out there. The Good Boy is freshly made, human-grade and designed to cater to the dietary needs of your dog’s breed.

Let’s Discuss a Bit More About Kibbles

Dry kibble is designed with a certain set of goals in mind, and they’re far different than the buzzword spray you see plastered on their industrial-grade giant plastic bags. 
The first is scalability, or how much of this can we possibly produce in the shortest amount of time, for the lowest cost. Following that is, of course, what can we fill this product with so that it’s cheap and stays fresh for years.
The key point here is that your dog’s nutritional needs are not a priority. Feed-grade ingredients and starchy carbs don’t mix well with good canine health, nor do artificial preservatives, colours and flavours. 


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The Truth

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Meat and by products derived from animals rejected by food inspectors for human consumption, because they were ‘dead, dying, disabled or diseased’ or body parts like beaks or tails are commonly used in manufacturing kibbles and there are no rules to monitor it.

You may have heard people argue that being descended from wolves, dogs can survive on the low nutrient parts of an animal. This is only the case for a short period of time, and prolonged periods of poor nutrients can lead to deficiencies in our dogs, just as they would in their wild relatives.

A lot of dry dog foods provide a nutrient deficient diet, leading to the range of diet related ailments we see affecting them today. High levels of carbohydrates coming from wheat and feed corn are added to this low-quality protein which are not easy to digest and leads to higher risks of obesity and allergies seen in out dogs today.

Each step in this process of manufacturing kibbles breaks down the nutritional value of the food to such an extent that the thing that comes out at the end has to be topped up with vitamins, flavourings and preservatives. 

The end product is a food item which can be left out in the open for a whole day without spoiling. The proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins are there, but in a very different form compared to what they would be in fresh food. The high temperatures involved in the process alter the structure of the proteins, degrade the vitamin content, and can completely remove the essential fatty acids all together.

Scientific evidence shows that the dog breeds we enjoy today are all descended from the gray wolf. It’s true! Domesticated over thousands of years ago, today’s dog varieties come from human-driven selective breeding, but their ancestors are all wolves.

That means whatever kind of pooch you dog-parent today, their ancestors did NOT thrive on dried kibble. And despite your dog’s apparent differences from wolves, their genetic heritage requires a meat-based diet.


At The Good Boy we provide a fresh, whole-food diet is putting their health and longevity first…

  • We only uses fresh and high-quality meat and vegetables : We’re taking good quality cuts of meats, fresh locally sourced vegetables  and turning them into a meal deserving of your dog’s enjoyment. It’s nutritious, delicious, and what your pup needs to thrive. 
  • We do not use any artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours:
    Artificial flavours make kibble appealing to dogs, artificial colours make it acceptable to owners, while artificial preservatives ensure it stays stable on the shelf for years.
    The Good Boy does not use any artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours, as there are many potential negative health impacts of such ingredients including potential adverse food reactions and allergies.
  • We gently cook food at low temperatures: Kibble is cooked at high temperatures. This often alters the core structure of the ingredients. At The Good Boy, our cooking motto is low and slow. That way, we can lock in the good nutrients and ensure your pups digestion is in good shape. 

Putting Your Dog's Health First

Good quality food makes a difference, just as it does with our health. While convenient, the negative effects of dry kibble on our dogs’ health are slowly being revealed. As more and more of us use many of these big brands, incidence of heart conditions, diabetes and other ailments are on the rise. Obesity now affects over a third of the population of dogs and issues such as heart disease and kidney issues on the rise as a result of this. As a result, we may need to think more carefully about what we give our dogs if we want to ensure they live as healthy and long a life as possible!

The good boy

If you’re on the path to fresh food and healthy eating for your dog, join The Good Boy Club!!


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