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Chicken Jerkey

Packed with a protein punch, this treat is simple and healthy. They are dehydrated in small batches and packed in our kitchen using strips of 100% human grade chicken breast and nothing more. Ingredients: Chicken Breast , Organic turmeric, Crushed Pepper.

Chicken Liver


Made from strips of chicken liver which are rich in flavour and handmade. These treats are pawfectly bite-size making them a one-way ticket straight into their heart.

Ingredients: Dried Liver, Organic turmeric, Crushed Pepper.

Chicken Neck

Our Dehydrated Chicken Neck treats are super crunchy, healthy, and nutritious ! Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Every single piece of this treat is home-crafted, dehydrated to perfection in our own kitchen. Ingredients: Chicken Neck , Organic turmeric, Crushed Pepper.